Monday, August 8, 2011

Visit from Bella and last blog post

I thought it would be a great way to end my blog with a visit from one of our China sister's.   It was so awesome to see Bella and her Mom and to see the girls together again.  We had a great visit and they had a lot of fun playing together, Merrin is definitely the spicier one and as you can see even though Bella is about a month younger she is definitely the taller one! 

Thank you Bella for my nightgown!
Eating breakfast together, Merrin had to move her chair to be right next to Bella
Waiting in line at Cafe du Monde
Giving Bella a pedi!
Painting in PJ's!
So Cute!
Having this blog has been fun and I love looking back at all the old post and so does Merrin, but I really need to concentrate on some other projects that I have been trying to start forever!  I will still be keeping up with all my blogger friends!



Birthday Pics

Birthday Girl
Handprint Birthday Cake
Party Spot....Pinocchio's Whale
Merrin and her buddy Caleb playing in the fire truck
Pirate Ship
Having fun at her party!
Getting her face painted for the first time ever, she chose a pink star!
Singing Happy Birthday with her best buds by her side, Emma and Caleb.  Thanks Patricia for the great pics!
Make a wish sweet girl!
Opening her presents with some help from Braiden
 Merrin and her cousin Katie.  She had so much fun with her cousin's in town and so happy they were able to be here for her special day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Our baby girl is 3 today, it is hard to believe that just 2 years ago this past Sunday we had returned home from our trip to China, time is just flying by!  She was so excited about turning 3 and has been singing happy birthday to herself for months.  We celebrated Saturday with family and friends at City Park's Storyland and she loved every minute, it was the perfect day, hot but perfect!  I am looking forward to see what the 3's bring, she has grown so much this past year and is one funny little girl!  She loves to sing and dance and her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle or as my little yat says tinkle tinkle little staaar, she is so like her Mom!!  She always tells me I am her best friend or she will say you are the best, how cute is that!  She took it upon herself to start sleeping in her own bed in the beginning of July and was doing great, not staying in her bed all night but it was a start.  Just the past few nights she has not wanted to go to sleep in her room so before bed last night I said who is going to sleep in their bed tonight and she said very loudly "not me, I sleeping with Mommy and Daddy : )
She will be starting preschool after Labor day, just 3 days a week and only from 9-12  but I know she is ready and will love it, just not sure if this Mommy is ready!
I will post pictures of her party soon but here are some I took a couple of weeks ago of the birthday girl. 

Happy Birthday Merrin Francis we love you so much!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We took a road trip to Georgia for the 4th to visit one of my oldest friends, we have been friends since the 2nd grade!  We packed a whole lot of fun into our 3 night visit, it was a great trip. 
It did not take long for these two to start playing shortly after we arrived

At Georgia Tech for Riley's swim meet

Maggie and her Daddy and bitty baby Kate, both Merrin and Maggie named their babies Kate

Joey, Jack and Riley
After the swim meet we went and had lunch at the Varsity, I had never heard of it before but it was a fun place to go!

Loving Jack, let me just say we are in trouble when she gets older : )

After the Varsity the boys when to a Braves games and the girls did some shopping at Ikea and then went to the American Girl Bistro to have dinner and do some more shopping.

It was so cute to watch the girls with their babies they had a great time, when the waitress came over to take our order Merrin said "my baby is hungry and I want spaghetti & meatballs!

Kissing on baby Kate, how sweet

Getting ready to ride the carousel

Once Merrin had the hang of the vest she was all over the pool, her little legs did not stop moving!

So fun!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Merrin LOVES gymnastics the first class she wanted me to go with her and do the warm up part but after that she went on her own and has done so the last two classes as well.  One of the other Mom said to me today, she never stops smiling, and it is true she is smiling and laughing the entire time and she will come up to the glass and wave at me.  She thinks it is the greatest thing in the world that she gets a stamp, sticker and a sucker after every class : )

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Meghan

Happy 22nd birthday Meghan!  We love you!!

Showing Meghan the special picture she painted for her

So excited to sing Happy Birthday to Meghan

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Merrin could not wait to get her haircut, Mommy had her haircut and ever since then she has been asking to go.  The last time we took her it was not horrible but not great, this time as you can see she was loving it!