Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Our baby girl is 3 today, it is hard to believe that just 2 years ago this past Sunday we had returned home from our trip to China, time is just flying by!  She was so excited about turning 3 and has been singing happy birthday to herself for months.  We celebrated Saturday with family and friends at City Park's Storyland and she loved every minute, it was the perfect day, hot but perfect!  I am looking forward to see what the 3's bring, she has grown so much this past year and is one funny little girl!  She loves to sing and dance and her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle or as my little yat says tinkle tinkle little staaar, she is so like her Mom!!  She always tells me I am her best friend or she will say you are the best, how cute is that!  She took it upon herself to start sleeping in her own bed in the beginning of July and was doing great, not staying in her bed all night but it was a start.  Just the past few nights she has not wanted to go to sleep in her room so before bed last night I said who is going to sleep in their bed tonight and she said very loudly "not me, I sleeping with Mommy and Daddy : )
She will be starting preschool after Labor day, just 3 days a week and only from 9-12  but I know she is ready and will love it, just not sure if this Mommy is ready!
I will post pictures of her party soon but here are some I took a couple of weeks ago of the birthday girl. 

Happy Birthday Merrin Francis we love you so much!!!


  1. Happy Birthday georgeous girl! What a sweetheart. I love her dress. Get ready Mama, the three's are so much fun. Full of stories and imagination and sweetness and just enough sass.

    Gin =)

  2. Hard to believe that our girl is three,that means three times as much fun, love and new adventures. Love you beautiful Merrin Francis.


  3. The joy Merrin has given us is precious! Her smile is so beautiful:) Can't wait to enjoy all her new adventures with her this next year. We love you, Merrin, more than we can say!
    Mere and Pops

  4. Happy Birthday, Merrin!