Monday, August 8, 2011

Visit from Bella and last blog post

I thought it would be a great way to end my blog with a visit from one of our China sister's.   It was so awesome to see Bella and her Mom and to see the girls together again.  We had a great visit and they had a lot of fun playing together, Merrin is definitely the spicier one and as you can see even though Bella is about a month younger she is definitely the taller one! 

Thank you Bella for my nightgown!
Eating breakfast together, Merrin had to move her chair to be right next to Bella
Waiting in line at Cafe du Monde
Giving Bella a pedi!
Painting in PJ's!
So Cute!
Having this blog has been fun and I love looking back at all the old post and so does Merrin, but I really need to concentrate on some other projects that I have been trying to start forever!  I will still be keeping up with all my blogger friends!




  1. Wendy, Loved, loved seeing these pictures! Totally understand about being busy and having to let the blog go but I'll miss seeing Merrin and all of you!

  2. You know I understand about blogging...I have thought about stopping a few times. I will really miss checking in on your blog. This makes me sad...but I know how it is. And you do so much in just one day...I hope you can enjoy some time doing some things you want to do.

  3. You have created a beautiful memory blog for Merrin and all of us who love her. Thank you.